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What Others Are Saying...

Stefanie is a wealth of information! From her experience unraveling her own health issues, she now has such a passion to help others! She encouraged me to change so much in my life including food choices, personal care products and cleaning supplies and so much more. My body still has some detoxification to do but I have seen great results in my digestion and bowel activity! I look forward to checking in with her periodically to do a quick check-up! Praise God.

-B Weaver

I came to Stefanie after suffering with reactivated Epstein Barr symptoms for 6 months. It was a very confusing and stressful time. I was feeling desperate.I honestly didn’t expect this to be as practically helpful as it has been! Stefanie is knowledgeable, professional, and organized. She always asked good questions and listened well. She never told me what to do, but offered knowledgeable and intuitive advice, then asked me how I felt about it to make sure that we were planning a strategy together. I REALLY appreciated that. It helped me to feel like our plan was realistic and doable.Stefanie had useful, simple tips on how to implement the things we discussed in our meetings. I never felt overwhelmed. She was responsive and accessible. The mental/emotional/spiritual support was an added bonus to me. She helped me recognize patterns of thinking and find ways to initiate changes in my thought processes on a daily basis. She is a very gentle coach who makes you feel hopeful. 

-J Pursley

I had a great time talking to Stefanie about my health and nutritional issues. She is very thoughtful and kind. She is very attentive and listened to my concerns before making suggestions. It is refreshing talking to someone who makes being healthy and having a healthy lifestyle feasible and easier without having to do any crazy diets and sudden lifestyle changes etc.

-I Hussain

When I came to Stefanie, I was already in a transition of a career change. In my efforts to enhance what I was doing I had some barriers to overcome within myself, mainly confidence. Stefanie has a huge heart and empathic nature. She was able to guide me through strengthening my self-compassion and help me open my eyes to seeing life fuller and believe in my capabilities. I love how sessions with Stefanie are safe and comforting to explore whatever is on my heart to make me a better person. I would recommend coaching with Stefanie to anyone needing accountability, who’s stuck in an area of life, or needs to process. Stefanies kindness through her words and reflection feel like a warm hug you need just at the right time while helping move you along in the direction you yearn to grow.

- J Lendaris, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner

When I came to Stefanie just to share about my health concerns and the pain I was feeling. I had tried many other things and was frustrated and had begun to reach the point of accepting that I would just have daily pain.  Little did I know what would happen next. Stefanie reached out with some resources and some suggestions. I heeded her advice and have seen a dramatic improvement in my health. The research she does and the recommendations she makes are top notch and well informed. I’d gladly refer family and friends to her with any health issues.

-J Williams, Litigation Specialist

I initially approached Stefanie because I needed help trying to figure out the next steps in my wellness journey. Despite always considering myself to be a healthy and active individual, I found myself dealing with elevated cholesterol and signs of inflammation (joint pain, recurrent injuries.) Working with Stefanie allowed me to focus on lifestyle changes that I had been trying to implement for a while. Her ability to listen and her attention to detail really helped "connect the dots” and understand the impact that my emotions were having on my health. Stefanie is compassionate, kind, and a wealth of knowledge about many different topics related to wellness. Whether you are feeling stuck, trying to implement lifestyle changes or better understand your own strengths and potential, I highly recommend you give Stefanie a call.

-R Esquivel, Entrepreneur

Olive Grove
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