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What Is Bioenergetic Testing?

Bioenergetic Testing is a noninvasive way to assess energetic frequencies showing where the body is unbalanced and energetically stressed. This testing gives insight into energetic imbalances in organs, nutrition, food sensitivities, emotions, toxins, hormone imbalances and more, revealing where in the body support is most needed.


Bioenergetics reveals particular weaknesses and imbalances and, just as important, what is needed to provide the necessary balance. Utilizing this knowledge helps to know where exactly the body will benefit most and where to begin first.


The end goal of bioenergetic testing is to reveal areas that are imbalanced, to then restore balance and bring a body back towards innate wellness and homeostasis.

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How Does It Work?

By nature we are all energetic beings composed of subatomic particles like as protons, neutrons, and electrons which rely on frequency that determines physiological function. Each organ, tissue, and cell holds a unique bioresonance (or frequency). Proper bioresonance within all parts of the body is essential for maintaining optimal health. When the body has been battling a chronic condition, acute illness or emotional/physical trauma it can throw the body out of energetic alignment affecting our bioenergetic balance. Bioenergetic testing contains digitally-encoded information relating to a large number of health-related factors. During a test, ‘signatures’, chosen by the practitioner, are output in rapid succession as electromagnetic signals. The response of the body to those signals is then recorded. This information is relayed back and a report is generated of any responses that are outside specific limits. This testing can be done in person or remotely through samples and is considered non diagnostic in nature.


How Does It Benefit You?

The real value of a bioenergetic testing system is to reveal things that are not obvious – patterns that are able to help change the dynamics of the system giving the practitioner clues about how to make progress. Bioenergetic testing is able to run a very large number of tests in a few minutes and thereby build a broad picture of energetic functioning and responses in the client’s body.


Informational signatures highlighted by the test can then be sent back to the body to balance the body by creating an informational imprint in the form of tincture drops. In addition, results from the General support scan show what nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, osteopathy or emotionally-based therapies the body desires to restore homeostasis.

Lab vs BioenergeticTesting

Lab testing:

  • Lab test is relevant in acute medicine where the choice between different and potentially dangerous treatments is necessary. Well targeted & timely lab tests can save lives

  • In natural health care, there is often no difference in treatment based on the result of laboratory tests

  • It's easy to spend $$$$ on lab tests and still get no useful course of action

  • Lab tests are limited to measuring the amount of specific biochemical reagents in specific tissues at a given time


Bioenergetic testing:

  • Energetic testing is an individual response & doesn't involve comparison w/ population averages

  • Energy testing is qualitative rather than quantitative (think, “how much does it matter?” rather than “how much is there?”)

  • Beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic long standing health concerns

  • Reactions to thousands of items can be scanned in minutes and results obtained instantly

  • An individual's reaction to a product or even a non-physical item can be checked using energy tests

  • There is no additional cost to run more energetic tests except for a few moments


Bioenergetic Scans

Comprehensive Scan


  • Shows resonating imbalanced organs and systems​

  • Resonating toxins (chemicals, parasites, bacteria, mold, viruses, heavy metals, etc)

  • Resonating food and environmental sensitivities

  • Resonating therapies and nutraceuticals that would help bring your body into balance.  

Follow Up Scan


  • Resonating imbalances organs and systems

  • Resonating toxins (chemicals, parasites, bacteria, mold, viruses, heavy metals, etc)

  • Resonating therapies and nutraceuticals that would help bring your body into balance.

Regimen Scan


  • The Regimen Scan will include customized and updated regimen and protocol.

  • Great to do in between the follow up scan to save on costs while still staying on track with a protocol


  • Follow Up appointments must also be scheduled to go over the results of your scan. You can choose from a 60 or 90 min appointments. Please note that 60 minutes gives time to go over your scan. For more time to discuss your protocol please book a 90 minute session for your first appointment.

  •  Hair and saliva samples can be taken in the convenience of your own home and mailed in. 

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