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Online Courses Coming Soon! 

Treating Lyme Disease and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome is challenging enough physically and financially draining your wallet and your precious energy and focus.  For this reason I am in the process of creating online courses for you to purchase and watch at your own convenience...saving you both time and money while equipping you with resources to help you navigate healing.


My two packages ("Bite Back" & "But You Don't Look Sick") are in the process of being made into two online courses tailored to Lyme Disease and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome where you will watch and learn at your desired pace and frequency allowing you in absorb and integrate all in the comfort of your own home. This online option will allow you to save your resources as you regain your health!

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Interested In Our Online Courses?

Please contact me to let me know you are interested and you will be contacted when the courses are available for purchase!

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