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Microbalance products

Microbalance Products

This product line is one of my favorites!! It has replaced a vast majority of my cleaning products and attempts at cleaning my home, clothing, sinuses and air of mold and mycotoxins. I admit it...I was skeptical at first and thought I could get similar results with my own concoctions. The EC3 laundry additive saved my clothes, the Citrus Drops Nasal Spray gave me much needed sinus and ear pain relief, and the Mold Solution Concentrate works superior to any other cleaning method I've tried. What I love about this brand....


  • Created by Donald Dennis MD FACS, an ENT surgeon who development of products for his patients to remove mold from their sinuses, homes, and clothes.

  • Homeopathic solutions to boost the human body's immune system and promote cellular healing and support the pituitary gland for proper hormone function.(source)

  • Safe and all natural, capitalizing on the potent anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of various natural botanical extracts discovered and published on in the late 1970's. (source)

  • Effective at eliminating and cleaning mold and mycotoxins and saving you resources and time.

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Magnetic Laundry System

The Magnetic Laundry System

When I first heart of washing clothes with magnets alone my initial thoughts were full of skepticism. I gave it a try and used the magnets for over a month on multiple loads of laundry and was pretty shocked to say the least. My laundry came out just as clean and without an ounce of laundry soap....I was sold!! They have a 4 star rating on Amazon and have been independently shown to work. In addition they are ...


  • Completely Reusable

  • Chemical Free

  • Easy to Use

  • Increases Life of Fabrics

  • Saves the Environment, Your Health, & Your Wallet

  • Lifetime Warranty

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norwex brand


Rewind a few years back to when I had toddlers. I remember the excitement when it dawned on me that I could get a little help around the house with my younger two! I just didn't feel comfortable handing them a bottle of Windex or counter spray knowing what harmful ingredients were in them. I had a friend recommend Norwex cloths and thought I'd give it a try. Fast forward to the present and were still using Norwex and I'm telling everyone about it. My daughter uses the window cloth and a spray bottle filled with water and makes her rounds around the house. My windows are clean and our health isn't compromised. My only regret...that I didn't purchase these sooner! What I love most about Norwex:


  • Completely Reusable

  • Saves your health. You're no longer breathing in harsh and damaging chemicals

  • Saves you money. An average household spends $600-$800 a year in chemical cleaning products and supplies. When using Norwex products you can save up to 90%

  • Saves the Environment. Safe natural ingredients help protect and sustain our environments.

  • Chemical Free

  • Easy to Use

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