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Why You Should Consider Cistus Tea When Healing

✨Talking all about Cistus Incanus and how it benefits you! ✨

🌿I was introduced to this tea 4 years ago and started drinking it daily. Known for its biofilm dissolving properties I used it alongside my protocol daily to help dissolve biofilm while addressing Lyme disease. As I studied it further I discovered many other amazing benefits that it provides for many other health concerns. In a nutshell-You don’t have to be sick to enjoy the health benefits and consuming it regularly will improve whole body health!!

🌿The high level of polyphenols and flavonoids contained in this Mediterranean herb possess a large amount of antioxidants that benefit the body and helps things like colds, 🤒 menstrual cramps, rheumatism, the common cold (or flu), chronic long standing conditions like Lyme and Coinfections and the overall whole body health.

🌿In regards to Lyme disease specifically the manoyloxides substance in this herb effectively fight and protect from Borrelia burgdorferi. Individuals who have incorporated this into their protocol have found it to be very beneficial as it dissolves biofilms- a protective film that pathogens use to encase themselves to avoid detection from the immune system. It's a clever game of hide-and seek that stealth like microbes like to play. In order to get at those pesky microbes those biofilms must be dissolved. How do you do this? By utilizing biofilm dissolvers like cistus (there are other biofilms dissolvers available such as NAC, monolaurin, japanese knotweed, and more).

Individuals who treat Lyme but have recurring symptoms that pop up from time to time or feel it comes back after their treatment is done haven't addressed biofilms (and most likely parasites too). Biofilms are an essential component of any Lyme treatment and should be utilized early on and throughout any protocol as Lyme is addressed alongside other things like parasites, mold, heavy metals, and to address persisters.

The main constituents that make Cistus tea so beneficial are the flavonoid compounds like gallic acid, rutin, and other flavonol glycosides quercetin, kaempferol, and myricetin. Because it grows in the arid Mediterranean it is exposed to multiple stressors and very harsh conditions like drought, constant sun exposure and heat but this actually provides benefits to you the consumer! As a result of these harsh conditions the plants produce high levels of polyphenols in order to protect itself against these stressors. Cistus Incanus has the highest polyphenol content as a result and you benefit greatly.

My favorite brand is KiScience that can be purchased here.

The same tea leaves should be re-brewed 2 more times, since other polyphenols and plant adaptogens are extracted while doing so.

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Here's a wonderful video from Dr. Klinghardt on the benefits of Cistus tea:

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Stefanie is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Bioenergetic Practitioner & Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in whole body detoxification, improving digestion, fatigue, autoimmunity, overcoming chronic illness, functional nutrition, Lyme Disease & mold illness and more.

She is available for one-on-one appointments to support you throughout your entire healing journey.

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