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Hope Over Fear

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. What does this mean & what does this have to do with your health?...A lot actually!

Fear can come in many forms:

You can have a fear of calling a new doctor because what if they are just the last 20 that disappointed you? So you don’t.

You can fear a new protocol or approach that our health coach or doctor encourages you because you had a bad response in the past. So you don’t.

You can have a fear of replacing junk foods with healthy ones because health foods won’t comfort you & that will require you deal with the hard feelings underneath. So you don’t.

Bandaids come in many forms & we are masters at manipulating our environment to fill the hard emotions & uncomfortable feelings. The short term relief often leads us to be prisoners of our fears. We fear anything that could rock the boat & become paralyzed floating out to sea with no sign of the shoreline.

These fears create a cumbersome blockage and stall any forward momentum because like our health our emotions need to be addressed too. When you address fear you free our mind. When you free our mind you take a step forward. But what is this step tied to?!?! HOPE! Everytime you step out and try something new it is with the HOPE that things will be different. That change is possible and that healing & restoration will come.

Hope keeps you going & hope keeps your eyes off our circumstances & onto the future. Hope is a waking dream that with each small step begins to become reality to transform your life. What does hope look like?

Hope sees opportunities rather than obstacles

Hope looks ahead and up (to our Father in heaven)

Hope sees the light despite the darkness

Hope makes choices that are for your future best rather than current comfort

Hope does the hard work now so that there can be a different tomorrow

Hope puts one wobbly foot in front of the next when circumstances are bleak

Hope starts where you are even when you feel unsure or unprepared

Hope begins despite the obstacles that surround you

What does your health routine look like right now to move you towards all the hope you have for tomorrow?

Stefanie is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist whose passion for health and wellness was sparked when her health took a turn for the worse. After seeing 20+ physicians she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. She sought to heal her body so that one day she could help those still on the other side with the knowledge to help and the compassion to relate.

Stefanie is available for one on one health coaching sessions to support you in your health journey. Please reach out for a complimentary consult to learn more about how partnering with Stefanie can help you. Together we thrive!

For more information and resources about Lyme Disease check out my "Resources" section.



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