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Cup of Health- The Healing Benefits Of King Coffee

milk poured into coffee

Coffee is a well beloved staple in everyone's pantry, and for good reason but have you ever thought of it as a "Cup of Health" with healing benefits?. Of all the well loved foods and drinks King Coffee is amongst that well appreciated list. According to research Americans drink more coffee than ever

  • Overall coffee consumption is UP by 5% across the nation since 2015.

  • 7 in 10 Americans drink coffee every week; 62% drink coffee every day.

  • The average American coffee drinker drinks just over 3 cups per day

What Is King Coffee & What's All The Hype?

King Coffee is a premium organic coffee containing potent ganoderma lucidum spores in every packet making it a powerhouse of a product with a wide range of health benefits. Reishi is known as the “elixir of eternal life’ as well as “Medicine of The Kings” so it's easy to see how King Coffee gets its name.

Reishi is a well known adaptogen that possesses the unique ability to intelligently balance each individuals body. If your feeling overly anxious it can calm your nerves. If your low on energy it will provide you with the boost you need! For these reasons and more Reishi is considered one of the most highly sought after and prized adaptogens used by practitioners of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

What are Lucidum spores and why are they in my coffee?

King coffee packet

The Lucidum spores are the seeds of the Ganoderma mushroom. When gently cracked open (not once but twice through the second layer) inside all this impressive packing are the precious spores. This takes place after 8 months at harvest time. These spores contain all the same health benefits but with 17-80x the strength and potency!

"But what about cortisol spikes?"

I talk about bio individuality with food I apply the same principal here. What I love about King Coffee is that it's different than normal coffee and so many individuals benefit from it because it's

  1. Organic

  2. Mycotoxin free

  3. Has a balancing affect on the body

  4. Contains rare Ganoderma lucidum spore powder

  5. Doesn't cause cortisol spikes and blood sugar crashes

  6. Boots immunity

  7. Protective properties against cancer

  8. Reduces inflammation

  9. Contains antioxidants to help defend health

  10. Repels signs of aging

  11. Clams nervous system

  12. Cleanses the liver

  13. Reduces bloating

  14. Reduces cholesterol

  15. Improves circulation

Regular coffee is a stressor on the body as it raises cortisol, makes you feel jittery and anxious but King Coffee adds reishi adaptogen which has a canceling affect so you feel mentally alert and energized yet balanced all at once.

If you are someone who is extremely sensitive to caffeine I would recommend beginning with 1/4 of a packet initially to see how you do and work your way up.

Benefits Of Consuming King Coffee With Reishi

The benefits are numerous. Some of the most noteworthy are:

  • Enhanced detoxification (mold, lyme, parasites, candida, viruses, heavy metals)

  • Reduced inflammation (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lyme, ulcerative colitis, IBS)

  • Balanced immune function and modulation (autoimmunity, illness, disease, HIV, HPV, Cancer, Lyme, Mold Illness, Tumors)

  • Reversal of amyloid plaques on the brain (alzheimer’s dementia, parkinson's disease)

  • Increase in GABA (improved adrenal fatigue and cortisol levels, better sleep)

  • Supports mitochondria and cell energy providing sustain energy levels

  • Protects from WIFI and EMF's

  • Hormone supportive and balancing

  • Balances cortisol and blood sugar (diabetes, stress, anxiety)

  • Regulates pH in the body

  • PCOS – helps regulate blood sugar, insulin resistance, anti-androgenic

Some of the biggest benefits I have felt with regularly consuming King coffee is enhanced detox, better cognition and reduced brain fog, hormones beginning to balance, improved sleep, and better immune health. Most of all though I've felt far less inflammation. For some it can be a game changer in their symptoms.


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Stefanie is a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Bioenergetics, a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, & Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in chronic illness, whole body detoxification, digestive dysfunction, fatigue, autoimmunity, functional nutrition, Lyme Disease & mold illness and more.

Holistic Health Practitioner

She is available for one-on-one appointments to support you throughout your entire healing journey.

If you are interested in working with Stefanie reach out to learn more about how partnering with me can help you along your healing journey.

Want to learn more about my services and how I can help you? You can browse my website to learn more!

Together we thrive!


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