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Interested in improving your digestion, fatigue, overall health and more? This guide is for you. I have created a comprehensive 33 page guide that goes into not only how to address parasites but also how to support drainage and detoxification.


This FREE educational guide works you through each step so that you feel prepared and ready to address your parasitic load.

Still not sure if you have parasites? I have a test for you. Go ahead and put your finger over your feel your pulse. Got it? Ok...Yep, you have a parasite.


The reality is that everyone has parasites to some degree. Parasite cleansing used to be the norm culturally and still is in many other cultures today. We have gotten away from it over time and we are beginning to see the effects of it. 

In this comprehensive guide you will learn the following:

  • The most important thing you need to do BEFORE parasite cleansing

  • What drainage and detox are and why they are different

  • How to open your drainage pathways and support it throughout your program

  • Who's at risk for parasites

  • How you contract parasites

  • Nutrition that supports parasite cleansing and drainage support

  • The best parasite cleansing products from someone who's tried them all

  • The best product that encourage drainage support

  • The best detox modalities to incorporate along the way

  • Pro tips on how to optimize results

  • Parasite symptoms to be on the lookout for

  • Parasite testing options. What's the best and what's worth the money

  • Real research showing how parasites cause chronic fatigue

  • Biofilms: What they are and why they need to be addressed.

Desiring to parasite cleanse but wanting extra support?

I offer one-on-one support through Practice Better during your 3 month cleanse where you can ask questions, get support and guidance, troubleshoot, and get the oversight of a health coach for $100/ month. 


If this sounds like what you are looking for reach out to me! 

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