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Holistic Practitioner


I'm grateful you are here. I know your time is limited so I'll be straightforward and to the point....

I have one goal when working with a provider.... to make their job much easier. I do this through both coaching and/or running bioenergetic scans for your practice.


When it comes to bioenergetics I utilize it to help reveal what is most stressing the body at any given time and what organs/systems need to most support and area of focus.





My qest4 bioenergetic scan is a fully automated hardware and software bio-energetic testing device.​ Praised by alternative healthcare providers worldwide as the most effective form of bio-energetic testing technology on the market today the customizable database contains over 45,000 energy patterns that enhances a providers practice and clinical success.

How Does It Work?

The QEST4 software contains digitally-encoded information relating to a large number of health-related factors. During a test (in person or virtually with samples), a set of these ‘signatures’, chosen by the practitioner, are output in rapid succession by the QEST4 hardware as electromagnetic signals. The response being measured are small changes in the electrical resistance of the skin or remotely using samples from the patient/client. This information is relayed back to the software. A report is generated on the computer of any responses that are outside specific limits.

What Do Results Signify?

If an item shows up as unbalanced results indicate that from among numerous items tested, the body gave an above or below average electrical resistance (or stressed) response. In other words, the body-mind system has indicated an energetic stressor and an area that the body needs help rebalancing. This helps the practitioner to guide them showing them the most urgent areas or issues needing to be addressed. This could be a system, an organ, environmental toxins, pathogens, emotional stressors, and more.



How Is This Used In Health Practices?

Most practitioners choose to use the QEST4 results to determine other aspects of a wellness program according to their particular expertise. Most commonly this means nutrition, herbs, detoxification, health care protocols, homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy or emotionally-based therapies. The "General Scan" will show what homeopathics, herbs, and nutraceuticals will provide balance for the patient. The Qest4 is not a diagnostic tool and shouldn't be used as such but rather an aid to guide the practitioner in their patients journey.

What Does A Scan Report Look Like?

Watch the video below to see a sample report. 



Bioenergetic Machine

   Health Coaching   

When working along a provider for health coaching I aim to meet each client where they are and review where they are, where the provider and patient want to be, and work collaboratively to bridge that gap. 

Health Coach Benefits

"Having a health coach involved in a patient’s care can not only increases patient satisfaction and engagement but also reduce physician stress and burnout by freeing up time." source

Health coaches bridge the gap between you and your patients by:


  • Collaborating with you and supporting your patients to improve their health and well-being


  • Providing information, protocols, resources, and education to help support your patients


  • Supporting client self-empowerment and encouraging patients to direct their own path of healing

  • Providing improved communication with your patients through email support to answer questions

  • Freeing up your valuable time by supporting your patients 


  • Partnering with your patients to identify their health goals

  • Facilitating the process of lifestyle change to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and optimize whole health and well-being

  • Increasing your patient satisfaction and improvement

Functional Medicine Health Coaches Add Value to Medical Practices - FMCA

Functional Medicine Health Coaches Add Value to Medical Practices - FMCA

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Ways We Can Partner Together

Running Scans

As a Bioenergetic Practitioner I am able to run scans for your patients/clients and send you sample reports to help guide you as you care for them. You will have at least 3 (sometimes more depending on how many needed) detailed PDF's for your to review and determine the best plan of action going forward. 


As a health coach I refer clients who need a medical provider to physicians often. I speak to individuals all over the nation looking for a reputable healthcare provider who is Lyme and mold literate. Reach out to me today to collaborate on how we can partner together to refer patients to one another!

Contract Employee

As an employee I work alongside you to implement your directives, protocols, and provide support and education for your clients. In between our virtual sessions I provide one-on-one email support for any questions or additional support to free up your time! 

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