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Work With Me

Spiritual Formation through trials

Mind, Body, SPIRIT

      The Creator thought it good to create us, His creatures, and make us stewards on earth to enjoy His creation. We see His handiwork all around us as the warm majestic sherbert rays envelop us when they fill the extravagant sky or when we hear the delicate innocent cries of newborn babies. Yet we also see the devastation of war, the ravaging effects of cancer, and the death that awaits us all. They are sobering reminders that we aren't bodies with souls but rather souls that happen to live inside of bodies and these bodies are frail, weak, and needy.


     Our kind Creator is limitless, powerless, and all perfect in His being, wisdom and power! In stark contrast, we His created possess endless limitations, little power and overwhelming amounts of flaws. Our delicate bodies break down, bleed, fatigue, and possess great needs. As such the illnesses we experience penetrate our feeble frame from a cellular level to the spiritual realm. Healing the body requires a healing mindset! We aren't just forms of solid matter wandering around planet earth separated from God or a byproduct of evolution! We are living, breathing, FEELING human beings and as such have real emotional and spiritual components that are delicately intertwined and affected by our physical health. 


“Sometimes God allows what he hates to accomplish what he loves."
-Joni eareckson tada

Spilling Sand

Our Focus

There are unique spiritual challenges that come along with chronic illness. As believers who filter all our life from the lens of scripture it only makes sense to filter our physical experiences in light of what we know to be true. But sometimes there are disconnects from what we know to be true and what we feel in our hearts. Below are several areas we focus on to promote mind, body, spirit healing: 

What to do when it's all too painful & the burden too heavy to bear. 

How to respond when the church fails to show us the love of Christ when we need them the most.

What to do when our headkowlege doesn't translate to our hearts and we feel God has left us and forsaken us.

How do we handle anger towards God when life brings the unexpected?


Reorienting our hope when everything we've relied upon is ripped out from under us.

Dealing with depression in relation to our physical health.


How to process our illness from a spiritual standpoint.


Cultivating hearts of empathy to serve others going through similar experiences.

How to extend forgiveness to those who have abandoned us and left us when we were most vulnerable.

“I have learned to kiss the waves that throw me up against the Rock of Ages”
-Charles h. Spurgeon



Ready to Heal?

The Process:


One on one meetings on a private platform

Spiritual counsel and guidance


Homework between sessions 

Resources & journaling prompts

Writing by the Water

“Christ's nail-scarred hands will wipe our tear-stained eyes dry forever"
Dave Furman

Work With Me....
Let Healing Begin!

Let's connect! I offer complimentary 15 minute discovery calls over the phone.  During our time together we can briefly discuss your health concerns, your goals of where you want to be by the time we are done together and I can answer any questions you have.

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