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Holistic Nutritionist holding carrots


Curious about what working with me looks like?

You are in the right place! Read below for more information and reach out if you'd like more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect out of this program?

  • Tools to know how to nourish your body with food

  • Supporting your limbic system

  • Strengthening your vagus nerve

  • Sustaining healthy habits that last a lifetime

  • Healing movement to promote detoxification

  • Nourishing recipes

  • Overcoming mental roadblocks to healing

  • Upgrading your pantry for healthier alternatives

  • A weekly guide (for those in programs)

  • Cultivating a healing mindset

  • Promoting optimal detoxification 

  • Creating a vision board to keep you looking ahead

  • Optimizing nutrition and meal plans to keep you on track

  • Cultivating compassion for your healing self

  • Grieving the sick you and owning a healthier vision of yourself

  • Establishing healthy and supportive relationships 

  • Decrease toxic thoughts, behaviors, and relationships that are hindering healing

  • Establish clear boundaries around your commitments, time, and protocol

  • How to effectively communicate with loved ones

  • Assess your toxic load and burden

  • Effective tools to lower stress and anxiety

  • Education on adaptogens and healing herbal therapies

  • Release toxic relationships that have hindered you 

  • Develop healthy deeper social relationships

  • More energy and less fatigue

  • More environmental awareness

  • Remediation roadmap

  • How to clean your home after remediation

  • Clearer focus and determination for healing

  • Trusting your intuition and letting it guide you

  • Nourishing your adrenals to support healing

  • Establishing healthy habits to strengthen your immune system

When will I start to see change? 

Your transformation depends on a variety of factors as everyone is different. No one gets sick overnight and healing overnight doesn't happen that way either. Certain parts of healing depend on your level of commitment while other aspects are outside your control. The body heals on the crockpot setting and not the microwave. Implementing the tools I give you empowers you to launch yourself onto a healing path going forward. By the time we are done you will feel well equipped to continue on. 

Who do you work with? 

I work with those committed to their transforming their health. I encourage you to schedule a complimentary discovery session to see if we are a good fit. Not all that I talk to will benefit from what I offer. My programs are not for individuals unable to commit to making dedicated change and implementation. My programs are for those who are ready to commit to a protocol, do deep inner reflective work, and commit to improving their body, mind, and spirit. 

Does this really work?

 Healing is more than a simple treatment but is a collection of various approaches to support the body, mind, and spirit. At Holistic Heartbeets we support you in all three areas to empower you to transform your own health!

Why hire a Health Coach?

What do you feel when you leave your doctors office? Most likely overwhelmed, confused, disorganized, and motivated yet unsure how to implement all the change! Most health coaches become health coaches because of their past experience with their own health crisis and their experience going from doctor to doctor. They see the need to bridge the gap in patient care and be for their clients what they needed when they were healing.


Health coaches provide practical assistance and take the boots on the ground approach providing an excellent addition to your health care team. They are a catalyst to change by providing essential education that your physician doesn't have time to address, needed support and encouragement, overseeing all areas of your life, effective accountability, the ability to keep you organized and on track, and a plethora of practical tips and resources.

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