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A practice dedicated to taking a root cause approach to restoring your body with...

targeted protocols

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bioenergetic testing


personalized support


Are You Looking For Clarity With Your Health?


Your health challenges don't have to be a life sentence!


Health is attainable when you give the body what it needs and take away what is weighing it down providing both balance and harmony

 health challenges can be

tough and lead to..... 

  • Confusion around what is healthy vs. unhealthy

  •  Living in a state of being constantly on guard due to ups & downs

  • Missing out on fun events everyone else (but you) is enjoying

  • Fatigue & pain interfering with things you are passionate about

  • Feeling stagnant, stuck & lacking knowledge to move forward

  • Feeling discouraged because you miss the old version of yourself



  You can save yourself thousands of dollars (& headaches) by addressing root cause issues with foundations of health to rebalance the body bringing harmony back again! 

At Eden Energetix we look your health from a root cause perspective with bioenergetic testing to reveal hidden stressors on the body leading to symptoms you are putting up with everyday. We do this with state of the art bioenergetic testing and follow up with personalized care. We're not merely providing a product or service; we're extending an invitation to embark on a wellness journey crafted to match your distinct individuality to help you thrive.

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Our Services

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One-On-One Virtual Visits

From The Comfort Of Your Home

Number 1


Order your bioenergetic scan. Gather your samples and send them in. Using our cutting-edge bioenergetic technology, we will scan your samples to analyze and identify imbalances offering personalized support

Number 2

Schedule a session with your practitioner to discuss your detailed report designed to guide you in addressing your body’s health needs. This comprehensive assessment will encompass stress levels within organs and body systems, pinpoint nutritional deficiencies, evaluate toxin levels, unveil emotional imbalances, and provide additional valuable insights all to help you on your health journey

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Number 3

Begin your wellness journey! Customized to the unique vibrational data obtained from the technology, your practitioner will design an individualized wellness program covering aspects like nutrition, toxin burden, stress management, physical activity, mindset enhancement, emotional well-being, and various supplements, including nutritional supplements, herbal extracts, and homeopathic solutions

HearWhat Clients Are Saying....

I came to Eden Energetix feeling hopeless. I had been struggling with several auto-immune disorders for several years. I decided to try a holistic approach & I was blessed to have found Stefanie. She is amazing. She is very knowledgeable, always available, and always willing to listen. I never felt rushed or judged. Her prices are reasonable and you get a lot from her. I looked around before deciding on Eden Energetix. Best investment ever!

-Silvia S

I came to Stefanie after suffering with re-activated Epstein Barr symptoms for 6 months. It was a very confusing and stressful time. Stefanie had useful, simple tips on how to implement the things we discussed in our meetings. I never felt overwhelmed. She was responsive and accessible. The mental/emotional/spiritual support was an added bonus to me.She helped me recognize patterns of thinking and find ways to initiate changes in my thought processes on a daily basis. She is a very gentle coach who makes you feel hopeful. 

-Jennifer P

Thank you Stefanie for helping me to find my new way of eating and reforming how I view food, nutrition, and myself. If you are struggling with chronic fatigue, inflammation, increased allergies, food sensitivities, digestive issues, or any number of common but abnormal conditions, please reach out to Stefanie and find out more about a holistic approach to health!

-Anna E

Despite always considering myself to be a healthy and active individual, I found myself dealing with elevated cholesterol and signs of inflammation (joint pain, recurrent injuries.) Working with Stefanie allowed me to focus on lifestyle changes that I had been trying to implement for a while. Her ability to listen and her attention to detail really helped "connect the dots” and understand the impact that my emotions were having on my health.

-Raul E

"At Eden Energetix we help you to get back to nature

--back to the Garden of Eden--

where each mindful choice sows the seeds of vitality, and every step forward blooms with the promise of well-being."

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