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Detox Your Beauty Bag

I like my products like I like my people: Nontoxic

I must admit I'm a little bit hippy but don't like to look like one! What's a girl to do when she want's to look good but doesn't want to compromise her health in the name of beauty? Channel your inner Jessica Alba and start your own cosmetic line? Or perhaps go all out granola and forgo it all together? Thankfully you don't have to do either but rather get wise and arm yourself with knowledge!

Have you ever given thought to what's inside of your cosmetics and personal care products? It's not something most of us do when we are browsing the shelves of our stores in the pursuit of the perfect shade of lipstick or a new foundation that will take 10 years off the clock. Truth be told we often don't want to know...for ignorance is bliss, right? True....but we know knowledge is power! When we apply that very knowledge into practice it is empowering and we are making decisions that over time will make a larger impact than that perfect red pout will.

Did you know your skin is your largest organ making up 15% of your body weight? Through our skin we have the ability to detoxify our body but we also absorb everything as well. Lotions, sprays, beauty products, deodorant and creams. It is said that the average woman uses 12 beauty products daily and that number is a little less for men (men...ahem, this is when you show a little love by appreciating the lengths your lady goes through!) According to EWG.ORG "one of every 13 women and one of every 23 men are exposed to ingredients that are known or probable human carcinogens every day through their use of personal care products." All of these ingredients are being absorbed into our bodies and enter into our bloodstream within 26 seconds time! What are some of these toxic ingredients? The list includes carcinogenic substances such as hydroquinone, ethylene dioxide, 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, nitrosamines , PAHs, and acrylamide. If we can't pronounce it then we probably shouldn't be slathering our bodies with it either!

Many people are chemically sensitive (myself included). The toxins absorbed into your skin daily remain in your body and over time create a toxic overload which can negatively affect your health and cause symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, muscle aches and more...not to mention what these toxins actually do to our skin!! We may not be able avoid the toxins we encounter when we are out and about in our environments but we can control and lessen our toxic load with the products we choose to put on and in so doing reducing our toxic load, This aids in keeping our immune systems from being overburdened and helping them to do what they should be doing...keeping us healthy and strong.

I'll be the first to admit that it's hard to find toxic free beauty products for a cleaner beauty routine. The cosmetic industry produces massive amounts of products every year with the bottom line as their goal rather then your individual health...but we can outsmart them with our beauty AND our brains! This is why it's so important to arm yourself with knowledge and to be aware of ways to make easy and healthy decisions (all while looking fabulous of course!). Along my own journey and my battle with my health I've learned some helpful tips and tricks that have made a impact and I'd love to share with you!

Sometimes less is probably would do better to buy that nontoxic lipstick or lotion that may cost a little more rather than 5 different shades or scented lotions that have toxins that will eventually make it's way into your body. A great resource to know what is lurking in your products is to go to EWG Skin Deep or to download the "Think Dirty" app on your phone where you can look up or even scan your personal care products and see where they rank. These resources will empower you with the knowledge to see what ingredients you are exposing yourself to and where they rank on a scale from 1 -10. I've been surprised to see some of my cosmetic products rank fairy low while others were sent straight to the garbage can! Not only can you look up all your current products but you can use this as tool while shopping to help you make better informed decisions.

Look for certain brands that use quality products without the harmful ingredients such as EO, Tarte Cosmetics, Beautycounter, Weleda, Jane Iredale, Burt's Bees, J.R. Watkins, Colorescience, Honest Beauty and many more. These companies can be found in most health food stores or online and are natural, organic, and safe products. The have your best interest in mind by creating products that have nourishing and natural ingredients in them. I've also had success buying some of those expensive name brand at discount stores such as Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshall's....even Target is beginning to pickup on the clean beauty trend and stocking better and safer options ( every granola woman's answer to prayer). Occasionally you'll find a natural health food section in grocery stores....this is your isle! Become familiar with it and make it your regular routine to always browse these isles every time you shop to snag up the deals and steals. Because not only are you smart about your skin care but you are also smart about your money (dang, girl!).

Nail polish is another offender that harbors a cocktail of toxic chemicals that make your toes curl (just make sure they are dry first!). These beautiful freshly manicured nails don't need to come with a price (your health that is!) and with a discerning eye you can avoid dangerous toxins while still looking like you spent the afternoon at a spa getting a mani/pedi. Ingredients to avoid like the plague: DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and parabens. Some awesome brands that have your health interests in mind: Ella + Mila, Suncoat, Aquarella, Pacifica 7 Free, Smith & Cult, Butter|London, and Piggy Paint (for the little piggies in your family!).

And lastly, deodorant! I think we all know better by now that the vast majority of deodorants on the market are chock full of aluminum, parabens, triclosan, talk, propylene glycol, and stereath- n....and that really stinks for you the consumer. This was the first thing I replaced in my beauty regime long ago and one I will shout from the rooftops because it's really quite dangerous to our health!! According to "Parabens from antiperspirant and deodorant formulas have been found in breast cancer tumors, but because these diseases are complex, it is nearly impossible to draw definitive conclusions about causality." Great alternative brands to consider: Schmidt's, Primal Pit Paste, Jason's, Kopari, and PiperWai.

Since our skin is our largest organ (and the one we see the most of!) it deserves the best that nature can give. Make a conscious decision to give it less toxins and a whole lot more love! You don't have to compromise...If this hippy living beauty loving girl can combine the two so can you! Go paint those nails, put on a nice coat of lipstick and conquer the world!

​To purchase clean beauty products you can click on the link below to access my Beautycounter store.


Stefanie is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in Detoxification, Functional Nutrition, Lyme Disease & Mold Illness.

She is available for one-on-one health coaching sessions to support you and walk by your side. Please reach out for a complimentary consult to learn more about how partnering with me can help you along your healing journey. Together we thrive!




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